You will be in my mind

Celebrating and delivering happiness in the memory of the audience before saying goodbye with an impression by an army of colorful actors Presented in the style of jazz dancing. which is adapted from the Brazilian Samba dance

The Phoenix

The Phoenix Queen shattered the glass cage that held her and spread the flames in a display of great power. on eternal life

Jai Ho

A young man rides a big train with a group of male friends to meet his beloved woman. But came back at the wrong time until the girl was not satisfied The young man had to pursue until the young woman lost her anger and reconciled. After that, they danced happily together.

Ghar More Pardesiya

A beautiful woman like the incarnation of Mother Lakshmi. The person who is an angel has a holy status in the temple. have prayed for the blessings of the holy Please protect those who come from distant lands to be blessed with complete happiness.


A woman with supernatural powers floats in the sky to mediate pure electric energy and send it down to the ground to transform the world into a bright and prosperous one.

Mo Li Hau

The Swan Goddess from the Mountain Forest and the Dragon Goddess from the Golden Palace symbolize fullness. along with the angels who are retinue Gathered together amid the scattering of fragrant jasmine flowers Has created a balance to be born in this world.


A girl in the garden of time lamented over the flowers and bumblebees begging for her tossed lover to be reunited as promised.

Fortune teller girl

A cute fortune-teller travels amongst the community. People ask questions because they are worried about future events. The beautiful fortune-teller then predicted that from now on everyone in this world will be happy and lucky. Let’s all celebrate together.